Benjamin Finger premiere at The Ransom Note

Great news! You can stream a track from the upcoming Benjamin Finger LP over at the Ransom Note.

Here’s what The Ransom Note had to say about it:

The galaxy sprawled before them like a wacky maze. The bobbing spaceship bounced furiously between the stars like a ball aunched from a pinball machine. The destination in which they were headed you might ask? Planet Vunder-baum. It was supposed to be a magical place where the zig zogs lived up high above the craters. The planets atmosphere was a whirlwind of bubbles and clouds. All of this had been promised to the crew who had undertaken the rocket ships maiden voyahe. Now, some million miles into the darkest galaxy of space, they longed to touch down upon what would soon be their new home.

Click here to stream it at their site!