New Beezewax EP out now!

The new Beezewax EP ‘Out of the window’ is out now!

It’s available via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or own Bandcamp and all your favorite digital outlets.

Soundchips had this to say about the track Time is not an eraser:

…wastes no time blossoming into a lush, symphonic sound of acoustic guitars. There are a few bands you can hear in the music – REM, early Wilco, some Ryan Adams – that are a nice tip of the cap rather than a straight homage. It’s a well-balanced thoughtfulness within the music where no single element overpowers another. If Beezewax are at the breaking point, they are handling it with grace and poise.

Gold Flake Paint had this to say about the track So Sorry:

With a measure of soft, effortless melodies building into a procession of ebullient noise, Beezewax trail the exasperated undertaking of trying to break down someone’s shield to help them with their inner feelings of despair – attempting to pull them from their shy exterior and finding frustration from failure

While All things go had this to say about There’ll come a day:

…a lush indie rock track that evokes the best of 90s while still being completely relevant today. Harmonies, The Cure-style guitars and drum-heavy breakdowns all mark this dream of a song. Check it out below.

…and Purevolume had this to say about the title track:

…after hearing their latest song, you’ll be instantly entraced by them. Said track “Out of the Window has a terrific throwback vibe to melodic ’90s alternative rock that will make you long for the days of strong terrestrial radio and when MTV showed titans of rock.