Sellout! Mix Vol. 1 – Spiny Norman

Once a month Sellout! Music and Poule d’Or will present a brand new exclusive mix from the Sellout! Music roster and our extended family of musicians and DJs. People we know and admire. People with good taste. All mixes are posted on Mixcloud, so feel free to follow us there.
Sellout! Mix Vol. 1 is recorded, mixed and compiled by the fantastic Norwegian producer Spiny Norman (aka Jon Eriksen).

Track list:

  1. Tangerine Dream – The dream is always the same (1983)
  2. Lone – Lying in the reeds (2012)
  3. Neon Indian – Deadbeat summer (2009)
  4. Higher Intelligence Agency – Selinite (1994)
  5. Orbital – Remind (1993)
  6. Simian Mobile Disco – Calyx (2014)
  7. Mouse On Mars – Presence (2001)
  8. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Light in darkness (1981)
  9. Future Sound of London – Landmass (1996)
  10. Caz – Close up over (1993)
  11. Hallucinogen – LSD (1995)
  12. Orchestral Manoueuvres In The Dark – Annex (1980)
  13. Team Doyobi – Zenthial Arches (2012)
  14. Chris Huelsbeck – Turrican II (World 2_A) (1991)

Spiny Norman on the mix:

Inspiration and influences have always fascinated me to no end, particularly the ability to connect the dots between different musical movements and generations. This mix is mostly comprised of tracks from what is in my opinion, three very important groups of electronic musicians.
There are the pioneers of the early eighties, who with their dreamy, arpeggiated soundscapes and rustic drum machines created something mystical, deep and hypnotic. The techno wizards who pushed their humble gear to the limits and played a huge part in the speeding evolution of electronic music during the first half of the nineties, and the synthesists of the present who elegantly capture and channel the heart and soul of both these other groups of artists while sounding fresh and unique.
A lot of these tracks are from the first half of the nineties and have played an important part in shaping my own musical universe. There is no shortage of hypnotic, pulsating techno here, with Orbitals trippy, energetic “Remind” and the Future Sound of Londons “Landmass” from the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack being some of the highlights.
Although the mix is dominated by a four on the floor aesthetic, there are also quieter moments, like the serene synthscapes of Tangerine Dreams “The Dream Is Always The Same”, the haunting psychedelic haze that is the OMD track “Annex” (the B-side to their hit “Enola Gay”), and the soft hypnotic Team Doyobi track “Zenthial Arches” with its glitchy arpeggios and minimalist groove.